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My heart pounds in my chest everytime she calls me
Its not from excitment or happieness
Its fear of what she's going to tell me she hates about my life
Its fear of knowing that there's another thing she wants to change about me

I know what I have to do
I don't really have the strength to do it
She needs to accept who I am
She needs to realize what I do in my life is not a personal attack

She told me before that I've betrayed her
I am her daughter
She keeps trying to mold me into the form she wants
Who has betrayed who.

Heather is right
When I see her name on the caller ID 
I cower and turn into a little girl
All I want to do to hide from her phone calls and disapproving glares.

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surreal moment of the day
my Eng w131 teacher:
I woke up this morning feeling my normal way.  And then by my second cup of coffee I was just really honry and it hasn't gone away yet.  I'm just walking around thinking "I just want to fuck somebody, not in the violent way, but in the Hey, wanna meet me in the bathroom way"
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For the First Time

For the first time my eyes are opened.  
In four days I have seen more of your heart.
Than the 6 months we were together.
I am reminded daily that you are a good man
I am reminded by people and signs that you are worth waiting for.
I will distance myself from you
But my visions are too strong to walk away
My instincts say this is not over 
I am with you for a reason
Though not right by your side
I will always be in your heart 
As you are always in mine
I have grown to respect you so much more in the past few days
And my heart has grown stronger 
I'm still afraid to sleep alone
So I usually fall asleep on the couch for a little bit
Wake up and do it again
You have become my hero 
You are the winner of my heart
For you have been stronger than I.
I understand what is going through my head
I know the pain that wracks your being.
I am empathetic
And I'm here for support.  
This is why I am here


If anyone is interested and knows anyone hireing . . .

To Whom it May Concern:

            My name is Brittany Oldfather, and I am a twenty one year old college student.  I am currently planning to change my major in order to receive an Associates Degree in Business Administration, specializing in the support area. 

            I currently live in Fort Wayne, and I am looking for employment in order to further my education, and I would like to work in the area that I am studying.  I realize that my resume states that I am attending IPFW for Interior Design, but I am changing majors this summer. 

            Any consideration for a position in your company would be greatly appreciated, and I do believe that I would be a nice addition to your team.


Best regards,


Brittany N. Oldfather


To obtain part time employment while financing my college education in order to develop skills in the workforce.   

Work History:

Klemm‘s Candlelight (260) 471-6828
Fort Wayne, IN 46805
Time Services   
Crib Inventory Specialist
Warsaw, IN 46580
(Tranter Graphics)
Product labeler   
Warsaw, IN 46580
Best Buy (260)471-5501
Fort Wayne, IN 46805
Time Services (574)269-5599
Quality Control

Warsaw, IN 46580
Steak N Shake (574)267-0004
Server/Sales Person
Warsaw, IN 46582
Big R (574)269-9303
Cashier/Sales Person/Inventory
Warsaw, IN 46580
Bob Evans (574)269-9591
Server/Sales Person
Warsaw, IN 46582

Indiana University-Purdue University                   Warsaw Community High School
Interior Design                                                                                  Honors Diploma
Fort Wayne, IN                                                                                         Warsaw, IN
Expected Graduation: 2009                                                              Graduation: 2004
Currently in the process of changing major to Business Administration

Basic accounting, communication, computers, customer service, data entry, filing, front desk (receptionist), multi-line phone systems           
Windows XP, Microsoft Office, AutoCAD, database entry, cash handling, basic point of sale programs, some basic inventory programs  

References furnished upon request



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